Monday, October 20, 2014

MCC Hot Deal! Can you say Yamaha!

We are working hard here at the Man Cave Cinema not only giving you compelling articles and reviews, but when we see a deal we let our readership know!

Friday, October 17, 2014

An Uninvited Film Review: The Guest

Creepy Crawley...

By Ben Mk (

If You're Next made you nostalgic for '80s slasher flicks, then writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard's deliriously off-the-wall followup, The Guest, will surely make you yearn for the action-thrillers of the '80s and '90s. But unlike the current crop of shoot-em-up throwbacks — most notably, The Expendables series — this sly and subversive homage doesn't deal in bombastic set-pieces and marquee names. Rather, it's a twisted and bloody romp through genre territory — one that finds an unlikely lead in Matthew Crawley himself, Dan Stevens.

Hell Hath No Film Review: Fury

Death or glory...

By Ben Mk (

The brutality of war — and the acts of heroism it inspires — is something that has been explored in cinema time and time again, going back to the early days of Hollywood. Some directors, like Steven Spielberg, have addressed the subject with sincerity and heartfelt emotion, whereas others, like Quentin Tarantino, have elected to put their own darkly humorous spin on history. Then there are films like writer/director David Ayer’s Fury, which take a raw and unflinching look at the inhumanity of wartime conflict, not just out on the battlefield, but inside the minds of those fighting on the front lines.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amazon Fire TV Deal Alert.

For those of us frugal cord cutting shoppers, Amazon has dropped the price of the Fire TV from $99 to $84.

Enjoy everything that the Fire TV has to offer...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Google is at it again! The Nexus Player

Looks like Google is at it again! Introducing the new and fresh Nexus Player.

Antennas Direct Introduces the DB4 Pro Signature Series TV Antenna

Looks like our good friends at Antennas Direct have released a new Antenna! The main improvement is that this thing is tough as nails and built to last. Don't get some cheap imitation antenna that will rust and then get blown of the room. Also you can't beat the 65+ mile / 104.607 KM range.

Here is what they have to say about it...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PlayStation Now Open Beta Launches Today on PS Vita, PS TV

Starting today, the PlayStation Now Open Beta will be available on both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV systems in much of the mainland U.S. and Canada, in addition to already being available on PS4 and PS3*.
PS Now on PS Vita
Our vision for PS Now is to make it possible for more people than ever to have quick and easy access to PS3 games, making it as easy to stream these games as it is to stream TV, movies, and music.
PS Vita is an important part of that vision, as you’ll be able to rent a game on one device, like PS4, then continue playing on your PS Vita or vice versa. That’s possible because of our cloud technology, which lets you play select PS3 games from our library of over 150 PS Now titles including God of War: Ascension on both a home console and a handheld device without the need for game downloads, installs, or patches.
PS Now makes the value of PS TV even better. The system, which launches today and starts as low as $99.99 MSRP, also provides one of the most affordable ways to get access to our library of PS3 games available on PS Now.
In order to get access to the PS Now Open Beta, you’ll need to download the PS Now app from PlayStation Store.