Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OTA DVR is set for SuperBowl 50 with American Commercials.

As you can see with the screenshot above, I have set my OTA Tablo DVR to record the American version of the game with the proper commercials.

Also the DVR is showing the Canadian version of the game. As you can see, I have selected the CBS feed out of Buffalo NY.

So... Canadians what are you waiting for? Pick up an antenna and get the real version of the game, not the water down Canadian version. Also by showing the American version at your home, then you can have a real SuperBowl party. The commercials are part of the fun.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Categories to our Online Store

The Man Cave Cinema is expanding our Online Store! Not only do with offer the best prices for OTA HDTV Antennas, DVR's and Antenna Accessories but now we will be selling retro and vintage items for collectors. Here are the items you will be able to buy...

 Used and refurbished vintage audio/stereo equipment.

Used and refurbished vintage and retro video games and consoles.

Used and refurbished Home Theater equipment. 

If you are interested please don't hesitate to visit The Man Cave Cinema Cord Cutting Store. We will adding items very, very, soon, so check often.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Antennas are Sexy and don't let anyone else Convince you Otherwise.

We here at The Man Cave Cinema believe that using an antenna to watch HDTV is Sexy.

Now you're asking yourself why is it sexy? What makes it sexy?

First off, paying for TV and watching a fraction of the channels that you pay for is definitely not sexy, it's down right ugly. Second, with the new designs of modern antennas, they are a work of art with beautiful lines and fabulous curves. Having some of these on your house give the house and the home owner a certain sexy appeal, it tells a story. The story is that the people who live there have a sense of style and a sense that being ripped off by cable companies with high prices and worthless customer service is not sexy at all. The sexiness also comes from independence from those cable and satellite companies, and dishes on your home are not sexy anymore.