Monday, January 26, 2015

Cord Cutters Tablo TV shows off a little skin for Roku and Fire TV.

The team at Nuvyyo has been hard at work build a new Roku UI and interface including a version for the Fire TV products form Amazon.

They are not quite ready for prime time but they have created some videos to get Tablo users all excited. Also if you got a Fire TV and an Antenna and need a DVR, Tablo has everything you need including an exciting and very user friendly interface.

Here are some highlights.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Are Video Streaming Companies the Broadcasters of the Future?

With the latest announcement from Amazon releasing 12 movies a year and on Amazon prime, are we looking at a history being made?

Netflix and Amazon are in full production mode creating TV shows, and not only regular TV shows but great ones that are winning prestiges awards. Five years ago did anyone perdict that Amazon and Netflix would be creating their own shows that would be worthy of high profile awards? Everyone expected that these companies would just be virtual video stores, but in essence they have become full fledged video production houses. This is truly amazing that this has happened, in such a short time.