Friday, January 25, 2013

Are we ready for Next Gen Consoles?


Every time there are rumors about next gen video game consoles, the internet goes into a tizzy, but are we truly ready for next gen devices?

Currently the current generation has the horse power and the graphics prowess to really make games shine, but what more can they give us? Really, just think about it, what more can we get, what more can they put into Halo or Call of Duty to make it worth our hard earned money.

Also, with high spec devices the development time and costs will increase, and we may have to wait longer to play the games we want with the possibility of a  marginal increase in performance.

What about all the money everyone has invested in there current system? All the games and add on's that we have bought. There is no way to know that they will work with the new systems? So in other words that money has gone down the drain.

Look at the wiiu, new gen, new hardware, but it's not selling as well as Nintendo expected it to be. Is the wii good enough for some people? Remember the hard core gamer can not sustain a video game company, in reality that demographic is really small.

Having new hardware is always cool, but for some reason the excitement factor, this time is not really there. Going from SD video gaming to HD was huge, but what do we have to look forward too now, that everyone is currently gaming in HD with powerful systems.


  1. I understand the points you make and agree with them in part. I do however think that video game consoles can provide more now with a new generation. With consoles becoming more than just gaming parts and become involved with home entertainment as well as social media I do believe there are things that can be improved upon that will heighten the gaming experience socially. Also, if anything has been taught to us in the past with technology it is that there are leaps and bounds with gadgets. There are always improvements on storage, speed, graphics etc. going on that are worth further experimentation and enjoyment. Online gameplay is a whole other part of that in which can evolve and be improved. Mobile gaming is part of the future as well. So, with all of these points I do not see why after 6-8 years of the current generation we would not be ready for the next generation.

  2. The real question is "will" the next gen consoles give us something different. Sony is on to something with the cross platform gaming concept. Combining the PS4 with mobile devices for an extended or more complex game would be interesting. Setting up a new "class" or tweak a car setup while sitting on the toilet or bus instead of the little time I can find to actually play the game. The console's could also move more towards a true media hub, incorporate Google TV and provide the ability to connect an external drive are some examples. I realize that this is a change for Sony given the way they run their business, but the potential is there.. The home console is for the immersive experience, doesn't mean that access should stay local.


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