Friday, February 1, 2013

Will Nintendo follow the path of Atari?

With the lackluster sales of the WiiU, will Nintendo follow the path of Atari and loose it relevance and ultimately fail?

During the good old year Nintendo was king and they resurrected the video game industry after Atari destroyed it, but it looks like history is starting to repeat it's self.

With the Wii being such a huge hit with the casual gamer crowd, the casual gamers and soccer mom's have not flocked to the WiiU. Nintendo stupidly targeted the WiiU to the vocal minority, the hard core gamer which in no way can Nintendo depend on them to get the sales that they got with the Wii. There are not enough hard core players to push Nintendo back into it's glory and to be the top of the video game industry heap.

The hard core games that are out for the WiiU have been available for the other consoles for a long time, and no one what's to re-buy those titles just for the WiiU. Now, can Mario and company keep the WiiU a float? Again, Nintendo is just rehashing their old titles and adding a few nifty items to make it seem like a new game, but that is not fooling the Nintendo faithful.

Nintendo is truly starting to show their age as in that the company is a dinosaur and cannot keep up with modern gaming. Platformers and brawlers were all the rage in the 90's but the modern gamer has matured and their tastes have changed to other genre of video games, thus leaving Nintendo to scramble and make themselves relevant.

Truly we don't want to see Nintendo go away, they hold a special place in people hearts but if they don't change with the times they will become irrelevant like poor Atari.

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