Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Epic War is Brewing.

The next gen war is ratcheting up and  this time it will be EPIC!

Back in the good old days console wars were attacked and defended on the streets or at a friends house, because the internet did not exist and you actually had to talk to people. Also, you had to watch what you said so you wouldn't start a fight or maybe you just wanted to punch someone really hard because they insulted you choice. Now with the various, user names, moniker and aliases, people will say anything and everything because they know no one will turn around and punch them in the mouth, and with trolls they just get high on this and don't care what anyone says. As heard in a movie, "Some people just want to watch the world burn"

As we all know every time there is a new console cycle people start picking there favorites and we loyally stick by them through thick and thin. What is different this time is that it may be the last big console cycle we may see. These new boxes have so much power and future expansion built into them that there will not be a need to go further. In this case people will be closer to there choice because the excuse of next time we will beat you guys will not fly.

Microsoft and Sony know how passionate gamers are and they will play with our emotions so they can line there pockets with money from sales. The more they start bashing each other the more we will be at each others throats. There is a lot at stake this time, Sony has learned many lessons from the mistakes of the PS3 and Microsoft need to have there xbox division profitable because the rest of the company is not doing all that well.

Now remember this is just a bloody hobby and we should be celebrating the technology that gives us the chance to play extraordinary games that were only a pipe dream 25 years ago, so lets all shut up and just have fun.

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