Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fighting over the TV...The Tivo Stream Review

Yes, we must be the only family in North America that owns one TV. There are reasons for why we have one TV (which will not be discussed here), we have solved this issue of people wanting to watch other shows rather than watching what the others are currently are watching. We have made our Ipad and Ipod Touch mini TV's with the Tivo Stream. The complaining all the sudden stopped!

We as a family have cut the cord and wanted to use a DVR so we picked up a Tivo Premiere. Watching TV has been a little difficult for me during primetime because other members of the family wanted to watch their shows, so I was left to watch my stuff after everyone went to bed and I was exhausted by the time The Man Cave was empty for me to watch own stuff.  In other words I keep falling asleep.

A while ago Tivo introduced the Tivo Stream, and because it was only sold in the US, I had to wait till I was on vacation to pick one up. Doing my research before I bought it, I was almost sure this was going to cure for the fight over the TV.

Well, I'm here to tell you that the little Tivo box did the trick. While every one is crowded in my Man Cave watching there shows, I can go anywhere in the house with the Ipad and watch my shows and it doesn't disturb what everyone is watching on the TV. The $119 was money well spent and it allowed some peace and harmony in our house hold.

Now here is a his what happened to me and I found a easy solution to get it to work in my home.  All of my networked AV equipment is connected via Ethernet to a wireless bridge and the bridge talks to my wireless router. The problem was once I hooked up the Tivo Stream via wired connection to my router the light in the back kept flashing meaning it wasn't getting an IP. I got worried at this point because Tivo recommends that you connect your Tivo wired to the  router, which helps talk to the stream properly. At this point I decided to try and reserve the IP address for both the Tivo and the Stream and low and behold the light stopped blinking on the stream the Ipad was able to see it and stream TV shows. Heart attack averted.

All those with Tivo DVR's! We here at The Man Cave Cinema strongly recommend the stream, it's a great little box and gives you the freedom to watch TV any ware in your house.

PS, I'm still waiting for the Tivo App update to there andriod app to allow me to use the Stream.


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