Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half-Life 3 -- Confirmed?

Well, no -- far from it. But a lot of gamers seem to be more optimistic than I.

The internet has been all abuzz for the past day or two about the long-rumoured addition to Valve's extremely popular Half-Life series. The fervor was sparked by a NeoGAF user's discovery of the fact that Valve had filed a trademark for Half-Life 3 in Europe on Sunday September 29th. Then it was reinforced by the supposed leak of some screenshots from Valve's project management system, showing a 42-employee HL3 team (as well as a 68-employee team for Left 4 Dead 3).

This is all coming on the tail of Valve's big announcements last week about a Steam operating system and a line of SteamOS-based living room consoles, causing many to wonder if they're holding one last secret up their sleeve.

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